Our Story

Artsy opened in November 2017 and is located on AJC Bose Road, opposite Minto Park.

Artsy is a place for mindful contemplation and meaningful conversation. Immersed in experiences of art and culture, you feel an urge to let your right brain take over. The space we intend to create is a cultivator of - free thought, cultural integrations well as an area of intellectual stimulus.

Through art, we promote an added dimension in thought, making you think about all that matters, and sometimes enjoy the aesthetics of what’s presented.

Nothing gets you Artsy like some speciality Indian origin coffee brewed to perfection. Mind stirring coffee and soul feeding gastronomy, is Artsy's unique offering in the city .We at Arsty, consider ourselves lucky if we contribute to the cultural fabric of this wonderful city. We promise to strive to bring you the best in coffee & culture